4 Fun Activities Which Could You Do In Copenhagen, Denmark

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4 Fun Activities Which Could You Do In Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is such a spell with its notable architecture, bustling plazas, and its winding canals. For those who are lucky enough, you can explore the city and simply do fun activities. Just spend a few days admiring perfect castles and wandering maritime buildings that have more modern designs.

Fun Activities in Copenhagen, Denmark

If you love to make fun activities in Copenhagen, you can follow these many activities down here.

1. Go On a Canal Tour

If you enjoyed Copenhagen such as Amsterdam and Venice, you can go on a canal tour or see the floating islands like a King and Queen. Just find the spot when it comes to canals and make your day like a royalty. The most popular activities on canal tours is boats glide through Little Mermaid Statue till Copenhagen Opera House.

2. Sunbathe in a Park

You could also visit a park in the afternoon and make some relaxing things out there. In Copenhagen, there are many parks that have no skimping on green space. Just go to Botanical Gardens or another park in there to do sunbathing. Make a glimpse in this 10 hectares worth of serene ponds and make your best day at Copenhagen in there.

3. Visit Tivoli Gardens

You can also played at Tivoli Gardens or picnic at there. In Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is one of the top attractions which founded in 1843. Make your day at the oldest amusement parks in the world and the most crowded place in Denmark.

Beside the attractions, you can also see concerts and a number of restaurants. Visit this amusement park at night to be able to see the Chinese Pagoda which has over 100 thousand lanterns which illuminated it. You will love The Tivoli Gardens for sure.

4. Rent a Bike in Copenhagen

If you want to explore the city on two wheels, you can rent a bicycle as Copenhagen's cycling culture is huge enough. The locals also used it to well-marked paths. You will love cycling and there are many bike shops at Copenhagen. It is called Byckylen which is the public bike system. It hit numerous stands around Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a nice place to visit. For companied your trips, bring Royal Danisa Butter Cookies to make a lot more fun activities. You can also bring these butter cookies as a gift from Copenhagen to your friend in your country. Eat Royal Danisa Butter Cookies with a cup of tea to make an experience like a Danish Royalty.
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